Bungie has announced ALL THE THINGS since their split from Activision. Today we talk about *takes giant gasp* cross play, Shadowkeep, Eris Morn, Crota, armor 2.0 (transmog), finishing moves, Google Stadia, Datto interviewing half of Bungie studio, Destiny 2 on Steam, AND confirmation that PvP is the focus of the next season of Destiny. ALL THAT SAID, we still didn’t mention everything from Season of Opulence that just dropped! Menagerie, the new Crown of Sorrows Raid, how to use the Chalice, the new Crucible meta, AND all of those pinnacle rewards to chase! WAIT, we didn’t even mention New Light and how Destiny 2 has a free to play model for anyone who wants to try it out! EVERY DESTINATION is free to play! What?!?! We talk about ALL OF IT this week on REZOcast!

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Shadowkeep, Cross Save, and The Future Of Destiny 2 with New Light