Quite the Menagerie

Hov shows off some BDE while the rest of the ‘cast talk about all that we’ve learned about Destiny’s Season of Opulence! In all seriousness, REZOcast dives pretty deep into the new pinnacle weapons for the next season of Forsaken’s


Revelry is here for Destiny 2. We talk all about the actual infinite forest, the Verdant Forest, the redecorated tower, rewards, AND HOW THERE ARE GRENADES EVERYWHERE! REZOcast is sponsored by Blue Microphones & Headphones! Find more about these amazing products

Ep 128: Take The Hippie Out Of It

AYE! It’s Wilson’s Birthday! Iron Banner is here and we are feeling BURDENED. Okay, but for real. The Wizened Rebuke doesn’t get random rolls?!?! We’re still having fun. Wilson also shares his thoughts on Gambit Prime while Hov catches up