Ep. 47: Special Guest TripleWRECK

When you think about Destiny PvP legends, no doubt TripleWRECK is one of the names that comes to mind. These week REZOcast talks with TripleWRECK about him and his community (iAM & WreckNation), the upcoming Destiny 2 PC BETA, and what he’s excited for in Destiny 2 (Spoiler: LOADS OF PvE!!!).

Ep. 46: Boomslangg and Destiny 2 Skill Based Matchmaking Changes

Boomslangg joins REZOcast to talk about his time in gaming and thoughts on the new Destiny 2 competitive multiplayer video. Joined by Mana, Triton, & Hov, REZOcast also talks feelings on the matchmaking changes to skill based matchmaking Bungie is implementing on the competitive and quick play modes due to feedback from the Destiny 2 BETA. Boomslangg also sings a song from Guardians of the Galaxy at the end.

Ep. 45: Destiny 2 PC Beta & BIG PODCAST NEWS

BIG NEWS IS HAPPENING! Announcement at the end of the episode or on Twitter if you have not seen it yet!

This week the ‘cast talks about all the news with the Destiny 2 PC BETA and the restrictions Bungie has placed on what programs you can run along side Destiny 2. Wilson309 also joins the podcast to discuss more thoughts on the console BETA, IGN news, and all that Bungie may bring for Destiny 2.


KJHovey joins REZOcast again to talk through Destiny 2 BETA first impressions! Lego is CONFIRMED NOT a Warlock main, and has decided to stick with his Titan, and while Triton and Hov stick to Hunters, Hovey talks about why Warlocks feel so good. PvP, PvE, we got it all right here on this episode of REZOcast!

Ep. 41: On The Farm With The Managator

In Destiny 2, is it better to fight one giant legoleflash sized chicken, or 10 chicken sized legoleflash?! Find out this week on REZOcast! Oh! We also talk with The Managator about all the hot Destiny 2 news that IGN is dishing out, as well as This Week at Bungie’s info on the Destiny 2 Beta that is releasing VERY soon!

Ep. 40: No Ranked Destiny 2 Playlist?

That’s right. Hov, Lego, & Triton go head to head in an epic battle of whether Bungie should have included ranked playlist for Destiny 2… Just kidding, we’re just discussing the pros and cons and how our community takes the lack of some PvP and PvE features vs how the casual gaming community might take it!

Ep. 39: Destiny 2 at E3 (ft. Claw & ABitTooLethal)

Straight off of E3, Claw & ABitTooLethal join the REZOcast to discuss Destiny 2, what it feels like, what it looks like, and what they love most about it. Lego & Triton are out this week, but Claw & ABitTooLethal have a lot to talk about going all the way the way back to their invitation to the initial Destiny 2 reveal event Bungie put on several weeks ago!