Ep. 74: Funnily Enough Lead0ffMan Is Here

REZOcast dives into the upcoming Destiny 2 roadmap changes. RUMBLE is coming back along with Mayhem and Iron Banner 6v6 next month, but for now we are getting new Destiny emblems and Nightfall scoring and challenge cards.  Funnily, we talk about other things per usual as well as we have Booker joining us once again to talk some Destiny and get his thoughts on the current Faction Rally & the end of Crimson Days.

Ep. 73: Crimson Days Doubles & Hov Destroys The Podcast

Yeah, we talk about some Destiny 2. We talk about Crimson Days, and how the rewards were, and all the stuff Bungie has in store for Season 2 Faction Rally. BUT. Mainly this is a podcast where Hov makes takes us down a path we never wanted to go. We hope you enjoy absolute chaos and word games.

Ep. 72: Kicked to Orbit

Nightfall changes, Prestige changes, Raid changes… WOW this is a lot of talk from the Bungie developers this week! We’ve got so much information about what’s to come for Destiny 2, and this week Lego & Hov talk about it all. Where are Triton & Mana? They’ll be back, don’t worry.

We’ve also got Crimson Days right around the corner. 2v2 with clash ROUND BASED matches. Will we love it or hate it?! Find out on this week of REZOcast, sponsored by Blue Microphones & Headphones!

Ep. 71: A TWAB of Destiny 2 Info

The age of Bungie info is among us and Hov takes back control of REZOcast as Lego is out for one more week. What does that mean? Nonsense other games talk for 30 minutes before getting to the TWAB? Arguing with Triton for 30 minutes before the TWAB? Or maybe convincing Mana to play Mayhem for 30 minutes even though it’ll be gone by the time he decides to play it? Tune in this week to find out!


Now sponsored by Blue Microphones & Headphones!!

Ep. 69: Factions with Rally

The Destiny 2 Faction Rally is back and with it, we bring back Resolute’s Rally to the show! Yes that’s right, old men of REZO is back. This time the he’s not the one doing all the complaining, it’s all coming from the VERY LOUD feedback from the Destiny community on the faction rally and what it did and did not include.

REZOcast is now sponsored by Blue Microphones and Headphones! Keep checking back in for updates on giveaways and more info about their amazing products!!

Ep. 68: Bungie Dev Destiny Blog Update (Ft. HisFury)

WOW. SO much to dive into this week in the world of Destiny 2. Bungie developers have released their new vision for Destiny 2, a roadmap, and a new philosophy for how to relay information to their fans. This week REZOcast is talking Armor Masterworks, 6v6, Rumble, Private Matches, Ranked Games, Valor and Glory, Eververse, Strike Scoring, Seasonal changes, and MUCH MORE. The ‘cast is joined by none other than Resolute’s own, HisFury, so who knows what else they’ll get into this week!

Ep. 66: Destiny 2 Expansion Leak? The Crucible is still fun!? Ft. iFatebringer

We’re in week 2 of Destiny 2’s winter event, The Dawning, and we’re still going strong in Mayhem. However, no one is going stronger than Resolute’s own iFatebringer. Join REZOcast this week to talk about the new potential leak and what keeps us coming back to Destiny 2 this winter!

Ep. 65: Mayhem, Snowballs, & The Dawning

The Dawning, Destiny 2’s winter event, is now here. The ‘cast could not be more excited to talk about their new favorite guns, armor, gametypes… but mainly just mayhem, let’s be real! Marcus, MrTomFoolery, also joins the cast once more. This time as a member of Resolute!