Ep. 63: Curse of Osiris Is Here! Ft. Tinkkz

REZO mom Tinkkz returns to talk Destiny 2 and give the rest of the ‘cast a hard time! Oh! And REZOcast breaks down the new Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2! Story, heroic strikes, heroic adventures, the new public event, and all the gear and weapons in this weeks episode of REZOcast!

Ep. 62: Destiny 2 Bungie Blog Post & REZO Maverick

Bungie speaks! The Destiny 2 Bungie Blog Post over the state of the game has been released and the ‘cast is here to break it down for you. Lego, Hov, Mana, and returning guest REZO Maverick breakdown all the info that was released for the future of Destiny 2 and what it could mean for the Curse of Osiris expansion. BUT WHO IS MAVERICKJR!?!??!

Ep. 61: Perspective & Verbiage

Yes! We’re still here! Holidays in the US have not stopped REZOcast from releasing any episodes, and this week the crew discusses the latest Curse of Osiris Livestream for the first expansion for Destiny 2. There is a lot of backlash in the community from two tokens and a blue, but is the expansion really looking that bad? Hear some different takes on it, this week on REZOcast.

Ep. 60 (LIVE): Curse of Osiris Livestream Ft. CoolGuy

Destiny 2’s first expansion is upon us and we get our first glimpse with the first Curse of Osiris Livestream! The ‘cast talks about all of it while getting to know our special guest from the Destiny community, CoolGuy! REZOcast talks about it all this week from CoolGuy’s current thoughts on Destiny 2, to all the new info on Mercury, Osiris, the Raid Liar, and the Infinite Forest!

Ep. 59: TripleWRECK on Destiny 2

The Curse of Osiris Destiny 2 livestreams are just around the corner, and this week REZOcast has brought along TripleWRECK to talk about what he’s enjoying in Destiny 2 and also get his take on the current take of the game! End game, rewards, social interactions, and loot, we talk about it all this week on REZOcast.

Ep. 58: Curse of Osiris Reveal (Ft. DirtyRoot)

New Destiny 2 DLC just announced, and REZOcast is here to talk about it with you! Lego, Hov, & Triton are joined by Resolute’s own DirtyRoot to talk about Curse of Osiris. New gear, new raid activity, new locations and patrol areas, let’s talk about it all and speculate what could all be coming our way!

Ep. 57: HUGE Destiny 2 News Update Ft. LightBreaker

Bungie released some HUGE info drops this week in the form of Twitchcon and the “This Week At Bungie”. Private matches are coming, Bungie is working on the endgame of Destiny 2, the live team wants to make strikes and lost sectors more rewarding, and so much more! REZOcast discusses all this and more with our good friend and streamer, LightBreaker! ENJOY.

Ep. 56: Wendler, Prestige Raid, and the Destiny 2 Endgame.

REZOcast brings more ridiculousness this week, but this time with Resolute’s own, Wendler. Lego, Hov, Triton, & Mana talk about the prestige mode on the Leviathan raid and it’s rewards, Iron Banner, and what’s to come for Destiny 2 with seasons and Destiny on PC.

Ep. 55: Briar Rabbit, Iron Banner, & A Bag of Dicks

Yup, the title lets you know what your getting into right away. This episode of REZOcast the crew is joined by none other than Briar Rabbit! Hov, Triton, Mana, and Briar discuss Destiny 2 and Bungie’s Iron Banner event, and then a bunch of ridiculousness ensues. One of the best episodes ever honestly.

Ep. 54: Seasons for Destiny 2 – Ft. DanDrumStone

DanDrumStone, the creator of REZOcast’s amazing intro, joins the Lego, Mana, Hov, & Triton to talk about Iron Banner and the new Prestige Mode Raid. The crew also talks about what Bungie means by Destiny 2 having seasons, and if it could help with what some feel is already a lack of motivation to do things in Destiny 2.