Ep. 56: Wendler, Prestige Raid, and the Destiny 2 Endgame.

REZOcast brings more ridiculousness this week, but this time with Resolute’s own, Wendler. Lego, Hov, Triton, & Mana talk about the prestige mode on the Leviathan raid and it’s rewards, Iron Banner, and what’s to come for Destiny 2 with seasons and Destiny on PC.

Ep. 55: Briar Rabbit, Iron Banner, & A Bag of Dicks

Yup, the title lets you know what your getting into right away. This episode of REZOcast the crew is joined by none other than Briar Rabbit! Hov, Triton, Mana, and Briar discuss Destiny 2 and Bungie’s Iron Banner event, and then a bunch of ridiculousness ensues. One of the best episodes ever honestly.

Ep. 54: Seasons for Destiny 2 – Ft. DanDrumStone

DanDrumStone, the creator of REZOcast’s amazing intro, joins the Lego, Mana, Hov, & Triton to talk about Iron Banner and the new Prestige Mode Raid. The crew also talks about what Bungie means by Destiny 2 having seasons, and if it could help with what some feel is already a lack of motivation to do things in Destiny 2.

Ep. 53: Destiny 2 Faction Rally – Ft. BlessedDoom

Resolute’s own BlessedDoom joins the REZOcast to talk about Destiny 2 and this weeks Faction Rally that brings in the past factions of Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy! The ‘cast discusses some of the reward decisions and have a friendly conversation over what is cheesing and what is cheating. Also, lots of talk about how Destiny 2 brings people together, the way it brought a ton of Resolute members to Doom’s wedding!

Ep. 52: ONE YEAR! Ft. Destiny 2 Raid World’s First, TLH’s SC_Slayerage

We’ve made it ONE WHOLE YEAR as a podcast. That’s incredible. Every one of these episodes is a celebration, a discussion, and a critique over the amazing game Bungie has created, Destiny (and now Destiny 2)!

This week, Lego, Hov, Triton, and Mana interview the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid World’s First SC_Slayerage, from The Legend Himself. They also talk about Trials of the Nine and see just how upset Hov is from is assumptions last week of what it would be. They also discuss raid vs trails rewards and A LOT of different ways you can think about strategies in the raid with Slayerage.

Ep. 51: The Destiny 2 Raid Review – Ft. Sweepthelegz

Destiny 2’s raid is here! The Leviathan Raid! This week REZOcast talks all about it with their special guest, Resolute’s very own, Sweepthelegz. They also talk about Xur coming back to town, and the release of Trials of the Nine! Clan rewards are also in full force and there are definitely conversation to be had there! Are you side Lego? Or side Hov? Find out, this week on REZOcast.


REZOcast goes crazy for its 50th episode as we discuss and talk about the release of Destiny 2 and do a non-spoiler and spoiler review. The sequel to Destiny is finally here! How did we like Ghaul and the story missions?! What about the way weapons feel or the maps? Is the crucible feeling crispy!? Find out this week on REZOcast as we discuss some of these things, but mainly just laugh at each other for a while.

Ep. 49: The Week Before Destiny 2! Ft. Rally & Wilson

The Destiny 2 PC Beta has come and gone and the Destiny 2 official console release is just on the horizon. This week REZOcast talks with Wilson and Rally about the live action Destiny 2 trailer Bungie just dropped, along with dissecting the PC BETA changes from the console BETA. Rally actually says nice things and is not a grumpy old man, and Wilson is now an official member of Resolute! Is the ‘cast actually discussing these things, or are they stalling for Hov to make it on the podcast?! Find out this week.

Ep. 48: REZO Ronin (Bungie Informer)

When all the hosts of REZOcast can’t soak up all the new Destiny 2 info fast enough what do they do?! They bring on Resolute’s Ronin, the man behind Bungie Informer! So much new stuff to go over with the EDZ zone videos and all the individual vanguard intro videos, so we brought on the perfect guest!

Ep. 47: Special Guest TripleWRECK

When you think about Destiny PvP legends, no doubt TripleWRECK is one of the names that comes to mind. These week REZOcast talks with TripleWRECK about him and his community (iAM & WreckNation), the upcoming Destiny 2 PC BETA, and what he’s excited for in Destiny 2 (Spoiler: LOADS OF PvE!!!).